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May 2024: Empowering voices, safeguarding rights: Our partnerships in journalism and AI ethics

April 2024: Fostering democratic inclusive spaces for women and girls

February 2024: Reflections on Partner Support in Latin America

January 2024: Luminate at Sundance: Narrative change through funding high-impact films

December 2023: Looking ahead to the Year of Democracy

November 2023: Addressing AI safety and global digital threats to democracy

September 2023: Inclusive governance in Africa: Updates from Luminate and our partners

July 2023: New survey on LGBT+ political representation & updates from our partners

May 2023: Spotlight on press freedom, upcoming events, and partner perspectives

April 2023: The women shaping democracy and changing society

March 2023: Welcoming our new Vice President, protecting children's online privacy, and celebrating African media

February 2023: Our narrative change strategy, misinformation in Brazil, and reimagining support for African media

December 2022: How important is an ID to access human rights?

November 2022: Disinformation and participation during the Brazilian electoral process

September 2022: Luminate's new strategy: A future where everyone has power to shape society

May 2022: Ensuring everyone can shape society - our evolving strategy

March 2021: Celebrating International Women's Day, supporting resilient & healthy workplaces, and reforming audit

December 2020: Our Grantee Perception Report findings, taking action to save journalism, and continuing the fight for justice

September 2020: New $3M fund, jobs with our partners, and an update from Reset

July 2020: Our call for proposals, introducing Partner Support at Luminate, and countering the collective harms of big data & AI

May 2020: How our partners are responding to COVID-19

July 2019: Defending media freedom, launching our portfolio database, and improving our processes to better serve investees

April 2019: Unconventional approaches, Hollywood’s role in social change, and increased participation

January 2019: Our new strategy, storytelling at Sundance, and a call for data rights