How we work

Our flexible approach is designed to prioritise impact

From funding existing organisations to collaborating with others on new solutions and undertaking our own initiatives and advocacy work, our flexible approach is designed to create the greatest impact. 

We believe our strategy, structure, and flexible approach make us more effective in our commitment to enabling underrepresented groups to participate in civic and political life, to help those who challenge power to do so safely and effectively, and to improve the integrity of information and public debate. 

How we pursue change

Funding and supporting

We provide funding and non-financial support to existing projects and organisations. For example, we fund organisations as diverse as Namati, a legal rights centre in Kenya, and Forbidden Stories, a collaborative journalism network that protects and publishes the work of journalists who are threatened, jailed, or killed.


We support early-stage ideas that can lead to new organisations or initiatives. For example, we helped legal and data rights experts to set up AWO, a data rights agency.

Seeding solutions

We identify gaps and then back new solutions, in collaboration with others. For example, to rapidly increase funding for independent media in low/middle-income countries, we created the International Fund for Public Interest Media with BBC Media Action and others.

Advocating and innovating

We use our expertise to advocate for change and to create new ventures and solutions. For example, to help address the rise in digital threats to democracy around the world, Luminate Strategic Initiatives focuses on advocacy, campaigns, and strategic litigation.