Our values

Our work and actions are underpinned and guided by a set of values.

The values that guide us

We are committed to our mission, intent on creating enduring change. We stand by the courageous in the face of adversity, remaining steadfast on behalf of those who look to us for support.

We explore different perspectives, embracing new ways of thinking and doing, taking inspiration from our partners’ transformative work. We are not afraid to take risks on new ideas or ways of working to enable our investees to succeed and effect change. 

We address complex issues and voice strong opinions to change the debate and drive action. In order to take effective action we are continually learning from our own experiences and the knowledge and expertise of those we work with.


We actively encourage and celebrate individuality. Diverse backgrounds and divergent viewpoints strengthen our organisation and our ability to support our investees around the world. We believe in the unlimited potential of those we work with.

How we work, communicate, and collaborate is as important as delivering our mission. It is critical that we are accountable and that our work and the work of our partners is informed and rigorous. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, operating honestly and openly.