Photo credit: Connected Development [CODE]

Building an eco-system: why it matters

A few months ago, we gathered our Nigeria-based investees in Lagos for two and a half days of learning, connecting, and networking.  We are increasingly focused on how we can support organisations we fund to build their “inner muscle” as it were in order to not just continue to be impactful but to be around for the long run, especially in an environment where they face multiple challenges from a shrinking civic space in which to do their work to a growing to-do list to limited funding options to the fatigue that comes along with the daily grind of trying to make a difference in Nigeria.

There were many stories and lessons shared in that time...the most striking to me was how the whole was greater than the sum of parts. Yes, a bit of a cliché but so true! From collaborations across the organisations, to advice on how to deal with scale and founder transitions, to working on supporting the next generation of founders and organisations working to improve governance in Nigeria, there are a lot of positive things emanating from our investees in Nigeria.

So what does the whole greater than the sum look like?

It is the work that BudgIT has been doing to open up budgets at the federal and state level, to break down this information in ways that the ordinary citizen can act upon, and to support the next generation of civic tech organisations through CivicHive.

Gabriel Okeowo, BudgIT

It is the work that PPDC is doing to monitor public procurement in Nigeria.

Nkem Ilo, Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC)

It is the work that Connected Development is doing to literally follow how public funds are being spent in Nigeria.

Hamzat Lawal, Connected Development

It is the work that SERAP is doing, through strategic litigation, to push for accountability with respect to how public resources are spent in Nigeria.

Kolawole Oluwadare, SERAP

It is the work that the Accountability Lab is doing in shining a spotlight on public servants who are doing their work with integrity - we all know the danger of a single story.

Odeh Friday, Accountability Lab

At Luminate, we are very proud to support these organisations and look forward to witnessing their growing track record of community, impact, and legacy.