Call for consultants who support social change organisations

By Laura Bacon and Zeenith Ebrahim

At Luminate, we engage closely with our partners (i.e. organisations that receive grants from us) to support them with resources that go beyond monetary support and help build healthy, resilient, and well-networked ecosystems.   

One of the most frequent questions we get from our partners is: "Do you have recommendations for a good [coach; digital security expert; diversity, equity, inclusion and justice consultant; evaluator; facilitator, etc.]?". We often have suggestions based on our personal and professional experience and networks. But we want to expand our figurative rolodex, as our biases and privilege inherently limit our top-of-mind networks.  

To answer the consultant question more effectively and to better support our partners, we’re curating a database of consultants that represents the breadth of diversity as wide as the beneficiaries our partners aim to impact positively.  

We need to cast a wide net to ensure that diverse experts are involved in strengthening and building capacity in the sector. We want to be as inclusive as possible across all forms of diversity – language(s) spoken, location, sector, expertise, race, religion, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, and other measures. 

We’re looking for individuals and organisations that specialise in providing support in the areas of expertise listed below that are ideally (but not necessarily) located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. 

We are looking for experts that can support partners with: 

  1. Strategic and organisational planning  
  2. Financial planning and financial systems 
  3. Fundraising  
  4. Leadership, management development, and transitions 
  5. Board development and organisational governance  
  6. Monitoring, evaluation, and learning  
  7. People, culture and wellbeing  
  8. Communications  
  9. Protection and security (including digital, physical, and psycho-social) 
  10. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice 

Please take 10 minutes to complete this form to join our database of consultants for partners. In the open text boxes, please feel free to use the language of your choice. 

We will share this information with partners and other funders as requested. Please see our data privacy information for further information about how this information will be used. 

Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected].

We can't wait to hear from you!

Note: While sometimes our partners need a quick recommendation for a small consulting project, larger contracts for Luminate services often follow a Request for Proposal process (RFP). Sharing your details here will also help us know your work to include you in future calls for RFPs.