Luminate supports inclusive AI Collective in Nigeria

Luminate is delighted to support the work of the newly formed AI Collective in Nigeria which aims to coordinate work on research, innovation, and the governance and accountability of these technologies.

The AI Collective will create a community of practice bringing together expertise from civil society, academic, tech, and many other sectors working together to advance AI in Nigeria and ensure it is safe, and is used ethically, for the good of all in society.

Our support will enable the work of the three organisations that will manage the Collective - Lagos Business School (Pan-Atlantic University), Data Science Nigeria, and The Centre for Journalism, Innovation and Development (CJID).

The Lagos Business School (Pan-Atlantic University), will lead research activities and serve as research manager whilst providing training programs and nurturing talent through academic courses and research projects. 

The Centre for Journalism, Innovation and Development (CJID), will coordinate the Collective’s work around AI governance, working with other civil society organisations and media NGOs to explore the implications of AI on the information ecosystem and society more broadly.

Data Science Nigeria, the first dedicated AI start-up incubation hub in Nigeria, will spearhead initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in AI, establishing a platform for start-ups to both develop and scale AI solutions. 

We look forward to seeing how this inclusive strategy process and the work that comes out of it shapes Nigeria’s approach to AI, inspires other work across the continent, and adds to the global discussions on the governance and guardrails needed for this potentially transformative technology. 

Read more about Nigeria’s AI Collective here.