PTCIJ receives $200,000 grant from Luminate to bolster investigative journalism

This press release was initially published by Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) Nigeria is pleased to announce it has received a $200,000 grant over two years from Luminate. These funds will support the centre’s efforts to promote investigative journalism for greater transparency and accountability in public service.

The resources will be used to roll out Dubawa, a data-driven verification/fact-checking platform across Anglophone African countries, grow PTCIJ’s subnational investigative reporting work across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, and expand its  press freedom work.

PTCIJ has pioneered several transformative initiatives, such as UDEME, an online platform that provides information on budget implementation and procurement practices in Nigeria.

Leaks.NG is another trailblazing initiative. The independent whistleblowing platform was established to reveal public interest information in Nigeria. Through Leaks.NG, PTCIJ has collaborated with six newsrooms to advance press freedom and support journalists exposing wrongdoings.

‘The grant will hopefully help us do two broad things; effectively map the sub-regional landscape with respect to the media freedom ecology, the interface of the digital migration mechanism and press freedom as well as how to construct a governance zone of accountability and development in West Africa by addressing the misinformation challenge to information production, exchange and distribution. The most exciting aspect of the grant is the support it offers us to help rebuild the architecture of a resilient local media that can effectively audit governance at the sub-national levels.’ said Dapo Olorunyomi, PTCIJ Executive Director.

PTCIJ is the non-profit arm of the news publication, Premium Times. The centre works towards the emergence of a genuinely independent media landscape that advances fundamental human rights.

Founded in 2014, PTCIJ’s influence and impact in investigative journalism have grown tremendously over the years. The organisation has now expanded into four other Anglophone West African countries, creating an impact beyond Nigeria.

‘At Luminate, we believe in the power of investigative journalism to fight mis- and disinformation. We’ll continue to encourage institutions and individuals who defend a vibrant, free press that uncovers the truth and holds power to account,’ said Abdul Noormohamed, Luminate Africa Director.

Luminate is a global philanthropic organisation focused on empowering people and institutions to work together to build just and fair societies. Luminate funds and supports innovative and courageous organisations and entrepreneurs worldwide by advocating for the policies and actions that will help people participate in and shape the issues affecting their societies.