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Aúna: Changing the face of Mexican politics

This story is part of a series of profiles celebrating International Women's Day. Read about more organisations who are catalysing change for women and girls around the world here.

In 2019, Mexico’s Constitution ensured gender parity in political and decision-making spaces and institutions. 

Although this is leading to better representation for women in politics, the priority now is to ensure that this translates into truly transformative public policies. 

With this goal, Aúna is the first Mexican platform to identify, train, and support women leaders to become involved, or stay engaged, in politics. 

It supports women from across the political spectrum to unite around a common agenda of peacebuilding, social justice and sustainability, to change women and girls’ lives for good. 

Photo courtesy of Aúna

Mexican women entering politics face many barriers, including gender-based political violence and discrimination, especially if they are from minorities such as AfroMexican and Indigenous women, youth, and LGBTQIA+. 

Mónica Tapia, the network’s Strategy Coordinator and co-founder, says: “Aúna is a space for articulation between women of different geographical contexts, age, sexual diversity or ethnic origin. It is a tangible sign that the union of diverse and committed women can generate profound and significant changes in our society.”

Women who join Aúna support each other to participate in democratic processes at the local, state, and federal levels, regardless of their political parties or affiliation. 

Almost 500 women from across the country have signed up to the most recent call for training, including significant proportions from underrepresented groups.